Day 3 – Early Life

April 13, 2010

George Whitefield was born on December 16, 1714, in Gloucester, England, the seventh and youngest child of Elizabeth Edwards and Thomas Whitefield. His father worked at a Tavern which was located in a rough neighborhood. His later confessions of early wickedness were probably exaggerated, but they can be understood in the type of neighbourhood he lived in. George Whitefield never liked school and at the age of 12  he was able to convince his mother to allow him to work at the tavern so he left grammar school and became a tapster in the tavern. However, hope of a university education sent him back to his former teacher, who continued his preparation for college, and in his thirteenth year George was registered at Pembroke College, Oxford, as a servitor.

At Oxford, Whitefield met John and Charles Wesley, joined the Holy Club, and practiced religious asceticism for a time. Through the Wesleys he learned of the Methodist mission recently established in the colony of Georgia in America. At 21 he professed personal religious conversion, and thereafter to the last day of his life his all-consuming desire was to tell of the “new birth” he had experienced. He said many years later: “I know the place…Whenever I go to Oxford, I cannot help running to the spot where Jesus Christ first revealed himself to me, and gave me the new birth.”

George Whitefield didn’t go through school life without struggles though, he was at some point forced to leave school because of poor health. He returned home for nine months of recuperation. However, at 22 he was able to receive his bachelor of arts degree from Oxford and was able to be ordained as a deacon (later a priest) at Gloucester Cathedral. Thus, George began his journey to becoming the greatest English evangelist of all time!


A man with a plan

George Whitefield is considered one of the greatest evamgelist of all time.  He was responsible for helping with the great awakening on both sides of the Atlantic.  He spent about 24 years preaching in Great Britian and about 9 years in American Colonies Preaching to 10 million souls.

Why do you think he was considered one of the Greatest Evangelist ever?

Our goals for this blogs:

– give an overview into George Whitefields life

– prove that Geroge Whitefield is a good role model as a Chiristian and worthy of our admiration 

– connect the lessons in the book of James to George Whitefields life to prove why he was such a great Christian

– how we can apply the lessons in James to our daily lives